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Message to CR2 Members

The CR2 board is working on the 2020-2021 calendar and hopes to post it on the CR2 calendar by the end of September. It is subject to change due to weather, COVID restrictions from the State of Wisconsin and Michigan, the ski area hosting us, and US Ski and Snowboard.  The CR2 Board of Directors is doing everything in our power to set up a user friendly calendar that has enough dates for our athletes to complete throughout the season.

US Ski and Snowboard just published and sent to members guidelines for COVID preparedness. It is posted on the CR2 website also. Please read this and make yourself aware of the guidelines to help all of us move and compete through this time in our country. CR2 Board will do everything in its power to keep our members as up to date as possible.


September To Do List!!
Check out the Website for more Information


1.  Congratulations to Joe May as your new Coaches Chairman for CR2!

2. CR2 Board Fall board meeting, Sunday September 27, 2021 at 9:00  C.S.T.  Check the calendar for login details and meeting agenda.  Click Here

3.  U.S. Ski & Snowboard COVID-19 Alpine Domestic Competitions Guidance.  v1.1: September 1, 2020  Click Here

4. Watch for non US Ski and Snowboard fall Camps.  Click Here

5.  Fitness assessments have been cancelled and club are encouraged to conduct fitness assessments and submit results to Patrick Mich.

6.   Continue your dryland training.


October To Do List!!
Check out the Website for more Information

1.  October 4, 2020 at 8pm CST, CR2 Board meeting conference call.   Click Here    To access the conference  call:

Registration for 2020-2021 US Ski & Snowboard –
Central Region 2 Non-Scored, Scored, FIS registration is open!  More information can be found on the Region 2 website.


Region 2 Is Looking for You

Region 2 is looking to fill some positions.  Please contact Scott Bence at or call or text 414-313-6821.

Website Manager

Social Media Manager

Need to attend the fall Officials Clinic:
Race Administration Officials

Chief of Timing Officials

Chief of Race Officials

Jury Advisor Officials (i.e. start and finish referee's)


Race Announcements and Fact Sheets are posted in the calendar under the event. 

Forgot how to sign up for a race CLICK HERE for instructions.

DIBS, Don't forget to claim you DIB.   Get involved and make race day a great successful. CLICK HERE TO CLAIM YOU DIB

CR2 Announces the 2020-2021 Race Organizing Chairperson for Each Race

CR2 Races                  Chairperson

Additional Race Information will be found on the CR2 calendar on the race announcement for the race.  We hope to have these posted soon.

Welcome to the USSA Central Region 2

The United States Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA) alpine ski racing program offers a network of competitive opportunities for ski racers of all ages from coast to coast. The country is split into three geographic racing regions including West, Rocky/Central, and Eastern. The USSA Central Division is part of the Rocky/Central Region. There are four local regions within the Central Division. These regions are defined geographically as:

Region 1:
Central The area of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, LaCrosse County, Wisconsin and Iowa west of Route 63
Region 2: 
The area of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan west of Route 77, Wisconsin (except for LaCrosse County), Iowa east of Route 63, Illinois and Missouri
Region 3:
The area of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan east of Route 77 
Region 4:
The area of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky

The Registration "Home" is not currently available.

Northern Michigan University MidAM Winners:
Overall Award Winners:

1. Peyton Servais BKH
2. Sophie-Anne Robinson CA
3. Madison Dean AFT

1. Garret Lundteigen BYN
2. Camden Palmquist BKH
3. Tanner Bence ASB

U19 Overall Award Winners:

1. Peyton Servais BKH
2. Sophie-Anne Robinson CA
3. Madison Dean AFT

1. Camden Palmquist BKH
2. Tanner Bence ASB
3. Aaron Grzelak GLS

2020-2021 Nominated Central AllStars
Abigail Horning ASB
Peyton Servais BKH
Madison Dean AFT

Garrett Lunteigen BYN
Camden Palmquist BKH
Tanner Bence ASB

2020-2021 Nominated Team Central
Alessandra Anselmo GIL
Zachary Bion BKH
Monroe Melges SWAT
Blake Bence ASB
Virgina Higgins GIL
Gabriel Deschamp BWP
Lauren Carlson DUL
William Nida BKH
Maggie Blanding FST
Anders McCarthy NNR
Megan Morris IND
Will Utendorf GIL

Sophia Palmquist BKH
Jimmy Athans SWAT
Tommie Jo Springer GLS
Anthony Petkov GIL
Skyler Sheppard BKH
Stephen Reddington GIL
Marley Spence NNR
Myles Nourse LKR
Holly Grzelak WIN
Charlie Licht GTS
Sydney Schulte PRT
Jack Steiner HHL

Camille Deschamp BWP
Kyan Hopke BKH
Emily Gustafson BKH
Stephen Conlin BKH
Noelle Roth SWAT
Samuel Dehlin GLS
Olivia Lunseth GLS
Leo Demars FST
Calia Chaney FST
Bennett Levander AFT
Payton Bradford ASB
Charlie Thomas NNR

Olivia Hutchins GLS
Caden Burns AFT
Ellie Hirn SWAT
Oliver Helland IND
Taylor Voigt AFT
TJ Sondelski GPK
Stella Stinnet BKH
Jevin Palmquist BKH
Camille Natter WIN
Auden Pankonin AFT
Annabel McCann BKH
Jace Rowell NNR

Harper Cope GIL
Garrett Pooley GIL
Sonja Pendergast BKH
Toren Piltingsrud BKH
Riley Doerr HHL
Reid Hirn SWAT
Emily Hower LKR
Ashton Roth SWAT
Quinn Gerber GTS
Emerson Elkins GTS
Ruby Rosh PRT
Cooper Byrne WIN

Bill Slattery Sportsmanship Award:
 Meghan Kozole PRT

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