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Race Announcements and Fact Sheets are posted in the calendar under the event. 


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2018-2019 End of year results

Region 2:

Just wanted to highlight a few end of the year results and rankings and make sure you all are aware of what’s still going on out there. I’ve posted all of these results near the top of the Central Divisions Selections Page for reference.

US Nationals is wrapping up tomorrow at Waterville Valley, NH. That is followed by the US Junior Nationals (27-29).

The U16 Nationals will be happening at Breckenridge (Mar 31 – April 4) while the U14 CanAms will be happening at Mount Tremblant (Mar 30 – April 2).

Locally, this weekend we wrapped up the Central FIS Champs at Lutsen and the Central Scored Champs at Afton. Additionally, we awarded the Bill Slattery Sportsmanship Award for the 2018/2019 season to Olivia Weymouth, of Pinnacle Racing!

Congratulations to all of athletes for a great year, and of course, good luck to those who are continuing on at these events!

Michigan Tech Mid-Am Standings

US Nationals Selections/US Junior National Selection


U16 R/C Junior Championship Overall Rankings (more results ca be found at

Rocky/Central U16 National Championship Selections

U14 R/C Junior Championship Overall Rankings (more results can be found at

Rocky/Central U14 Selections to U16 Nationals and CanAms

Eric Cates

Central Division Manager

U.S. Ski & Snowboard

O: +1608.512.7327

2018-2019 Registration:

Welcome to the 2018-2019 ski season. We hope you had a great summer and are excited about the upcoming ski season.   US Ski and Snowboad Region 2 Metro Cup, Non-Scored, Scored, and Coach/Non-Athlete registration is open!  In addition to athletes we are requiring coaches and Non-Athletes who will be participating in races or who wish to receive e-mail notifications to register.  Click Here

All athletes including Metro Cup athletes need to have a current US Ski & Snowboard membership.

Metro Cup Registration Closed December 16, 2018

CR2 Announces the 2018-2019 Race Organizing Chairperson for Each Race

CR2 Races                  Chairperson
Surburst                       Ken Wetland               
Mt. Ripley                   John Manderfield
Granite Peak            Ron Lawrence
Shelley Glover         Zeb Seaborg
Chestnut                      Craig Spidle
Tyrol                                 Sydney Koop

Additional Race Information will be found on the CR2 calendar on the race announcement for the race.  We hope to have these posted soon.

Welcome to the USSA Central Region 2

The United States Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA) alpine ski racing program offers a network of competitive opportunities for ski racers of all ages from coast to coast. The country is split into three geographic racing regions including West, Rocky/Central, and Eastern. The USSA Central Division is part of the Rocky/Central Region. There are four local regions within the Central Division. These regions are defined geographically as:

Region 1:
Central The area of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, LaCrosse County, Wisconsin and Iowa west of Route 63
Region 2: 
The area of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan west of Route 77, Wisconsin (except for LaCrosse County), Iowa east of Route 63, Illinois and Missouri
Region 3:
The area of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan east of Route 77 
Region 4:
The area of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky

The Registration "Home" is not currently available.

Congratulations to the 2018-2019 CR2 Athletes

Central All-Stars:      
Brad Seaborg   1999 GLS  
Team Central:      
Ainsley Kirk 2002 GLS  
Sam Spencer  2002 HHL  
Aaron Grzelak 2002 GLS  
Abigail Horning 2003 ASB  
Madelyn Wehner 2003 PKS  
Katherine Nonn 2004 PKS  
Aiden Lewandowski 2004 GTS
Blake Bence 2004 ASB
Emma Bailey 2005 PKS  
Noah Bindas 2005 GPK
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