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Central Coaches Chair Fall 2019 Newsletter

By Ron Lawrence, 09/10/19, 10:00AM EDT




Welcome to the 2019-2020 Ski Season! Our Fall Coaches Summit in Chicago will be held on Friday, September 27th at the Courtyard Marriott on River Road. The meeting will be from 6 PM – 9 PM. The Fall Central Alpine Sport Committee (CASC) will meet all day on Saturday, September 28th beginning at 8 AM. Items up for discussion on Friday evening during the Coaches Summit will consist of Central Division schedule of U.S. Ski & Snowboard races that have been a cooperative effort by all the areas of the Central Division; CR1, CR2 & CR3. A more formal schedule will come out later this month also recapping the Leadership Conference this past August. Much of the summer has been dedicated to working together as one Central Division and how to work together for the betterment of our sport in the area of scheduling and “development” camps for our athletes. Joe Paul will give a presentation on his experience traveling to New Zealand with our U.S. Ski Team coaches and athletes. I have asked him to share with us what he feels we should consider our focus going into this upcoming season. Finally, Patrick Mitch is our New Central Division Manager. It will give you a chance to welcome and meet him. Patrick and Darlene Nolting will go through the “Project” schedule, review the Physical Skills Quest requirements and TEAM Central for this fall and where to find the information on the Website.

As Program Directors & coaches we will have an opportunity in November to increase our education for our staffs with US Ski & Snowboard bringing a Level 100 to the Central Division at Granite Peak Ski Area. Many of you have added new staff to your programs. To help with Coaches’ education in your program, those staff and you can register on-line at: MY USSA with your member username and password. Select USSEC in the toolbar. The dates will be Friday & Saturday, November 29th – 30th.

We (Central Coaches Chairs) Tony Olin-CR1, J.J. Jenson-CR3 and myself-CR2 are looking to Program Directors and Head Coaches to give us feedback on how to continue to make our Central Division as STRONG as we possibly can. We feel as coaches’ chairs that working together is making us stronger and
we feel there are additional opportunities to continue this cooperation. We need your input and
guidance. Please plan on attending our Coaches Summit in Chicago to help us.

I hope to see all of the athletes, parents, and coaches in the Central Division continue to come
together and support working together to make the Central Division STRONG!

Ron Lawrence
Central Coaches Chair