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By Ron Lawrence, 01/06/18, 6:15PM EST




HAPPY NEW YEAR! We have just completed U.S. Ski Central Giant Slalom Ski Camp with U.S. Ski & Snowboard Central Manager, Eric Cates with excellent attendance and great snow conditions provided by Mt. Ripley. The athletes that attended got a great chance to also ski “Champaign” powder. It was a great experience for our Central Athletes.

The next GREAT opportunity for all athletes in the Central Division is the Central Speed Camp at Indianhead Mountain (Wakefield, MI). Indianhead Mountain has provided us with a great training “venue” and opportunity to work on Speed Skill Development. This Central Division Camp will be headed up by Eric Cates and U.S. Ski & Snowboard Youth Development Director, Angie Worrell. The Camp will begin on Friday, January 26th with two days of Speed Skill Development and a Super-G Race on Sunday, January 28th. Central Division CR1 will be holding an additional Super-G qualifying race for their athletes on Monday, January 29th. All athletes in the Central Division are invited to compete in this additional Super-G race. You can register on My Events page on the US Ski and Snowboard website:

The Mid-America FIS Series continues with the Atmore (3 SL Races) at Spirit Mountain (Duluth, MN) beginning on Friday, January 12th thru Sunday, January 14th. There is an additional opportunity for your FIS athletes to compete in two (2) FIS SL at Loch Lomond (Thunder Bay, CA) on Monday, January 15th. Please get your intents to Eric Cates as soon as possible if you plan to go to the Atmore & Loch Lomond.

The U.S. U19 National Qualifier for Slalom will be held at Lutsen Mountain (Lutsen, MN) the first week in February 1-5. The FIS athletes will have the opportunity to race three (3) FIS Slaloms which count as the U19 National Qualifier, along with two (2) FIS Giant Slalom races. Again you need to register your athletes that will be attending these events with Eric Cates. There will be limited quota spots for our Central athletes.

Finally, Mt. La Crosse is Hosting a “Conquering Damnation” training event (La Crosse, WI) that will begin on Wednesday, January 17th thru Friday, January 19th 10AM-4PM each day. This open to ALL Central Division athletes with the cost of only a daily lift ticket. You may attend any days that fit your team’s schedule. Teams, Athletes, and Coaches will coordinate the Giant Slalom and Slalom training each day. Mt. La Crosse will be providing all gates, drills, etc. This is a great opportunity for all the Central Division to come together and train, develop new skills and race head-to-head with other athletes in the Central Division. On Saturday, January 20th & Sunday, January 21st there will be the Dan Nagy Memorial races which are held at Mt. La Crosse and are US Ski & Snowboard sanctioned races. All Central athletes are welcome to attend. Again, go to MY EVENT page on the website to register.

Our goal is to give our athletes throughout the Central Division opportunities to come together as ONE and train, develop new friendships and provide the best possible learning opportunities for all our Central athletes. All questions on this event should be direct to Bill Patza and/or myself.
I hope to see all of the athletes, parents, and coaches in the Central Division come together and support working together to make the Central Division STRONG!

Ron Lawrence
Central Coaches Chair