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Become a Volunteer

Parents are required to volunteer at races.  Unsure about a volunteer position, talk to your coaches or program director and they will hook you up with a mentor in the area you would like to try out. All the clubs have people in all the areas. Try as many areas as you like: Gate Judge, Start Area, Finish Area, Timing, Race Office. Some do need special training, but lots don't. If you like the ones with no special training then you can move on to get the training needed to do more exciting jobs.


To volunteer for a race please visit the DIBS page

There are many jobs on and off the hill when a race is going on and most of them are volunteer jobs filled by the parents of the racers. The more involved parents are in the support jobs, the better the race will go. 

Some of these jobs require no USSA membership, others require just a USSA membership and still others require USSA Alpine Officials Certification (these requirements will be noted in all job descriptions). If you hold no USSA membership, a Volunteer Waiver from the Race Office is all that needs to be signed before you go out on the hill or start your job for the day. All Race Support Staff positions should sign up on the Region 2 website Volunteer Signup form (DIBS) to ensure getting the job you want.

Race Jury (appointed by Region 2)

  • Technical Delegate*
  • Chief of Race*
  • Referee*
  • Assistant Referee*

Head Race Staff (appointed by Region 2)

  • Race Administrator
  • Chief of Timing and Calculations

Race Support Staff (use volunteer sign up)

  • Race Office Assistants
  • Timing Assistants
  • Start Referee**
  • Finish Referee**
  • Assistant Starter
  • Hand Timers
  • Hand Time Recorders
  • Chief of Course
  • Course Crew
  • Chief Gate Judge
  • Gate Judges
  • Scoreboard Recorder
  • PA Announcer

*Voting member of the Jury 
**Jury Advisors – non-voting members of the Jury that can assist with issues.

Become a Licensed Official

Visit US Ski and Snowboard Alpine Officials web page

Step 1:
Visit and conduct the SafeSport training.

Step 2:
Read the Competition Official  (CO) certification and take a short quiz.

Step 3:
View the Gate Judge video.

Step 4:
Attend the Officials Clinic (AO) which is held in the Fall and get certified. See the website for details.


Region 2 Alpine Officials Clinic (AO)


Region 2 and your athlete needs you to be a parent volunteers.  This year more than ever Region 2 needs parents from all clubs to become a certified official.  There are many different types of certifications.  US Ski and & Snowboard has increased the requirements to have certified officials in more positions than in prior years.  Many of you of you have preformed these jobs in the past without a certification, but this season the rules have changed and you now need to be certified. 

Not sure which certification to get,  start by becoming start/finish ref. (This is the class labeled J.A)

Why become a USSA official?  Taking part as a competition official is exciting--it brings you into the heart of the action!  And it's a way of helping the thousands of young athletes who enter USSA competitions to have fun and to achieve personal goals.  Who becomes a USSA official?  Oftentimes it starts with parents of young athletes who want to be more actively involved.  Former athletes are also great candidates with their background in the sport.  But it can be anyone who has an interest in helping young athletes and playing an important role in their success. It's simple to get started.   

Region 2 is hosts an Official Clinic (AO)  each fall.  Check the calendar for the date.  Most classes can be completed in one day. 

Class Times:
Sat & Sun.        8:30 a.m. Rules Update (coaches mandatory, parents                                   attendance optional) 
                               9:45-10:00a.m. Course Start
                               Lunch is provided

To sign up click the link: Alpine Official Clinic Sign Up    

Questions  Regarding the Class:
 Call John Manderfield 906-281-4738

Class Location: (Special lodging rates, mention USSA)

Wildwood Lodge
N14 W24121 Tower Pl
Pewaukee, WI 53072
 (262) 506-2000